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The Haus of Liberated Reading is proud to announce that we’re starting work on our next publication. Following in the footsteps of our very first book, ‘Elephant’, by Siana Bangura, we’re now on the hunt for contributors to our next work.




In the pipeline for some time now, over the next year we will be putting together a twin-collection of writing by Black men, Black women, and Black non-binary and gender-fluid writers. We will reveal more information in due course but we’d like to put an initial call out for abstracts by Black writers across the UK, USA, Europe, the Caribbean, across the vast continent of Africa, South America, Australasia and any other part of the world in which you have found yourself! We are looking for YOUR story. We want thought-provoking and thoughtful essays, short stories, and poetry. We want to bring together Black voices from across the world in an attempt to map our simultaneously universal and wildly different narratives. We want to subvert the single narrative, complicate the status quo, and amplify voices that are more marginalised than ever in the wake of an earth-shaking and jaw-dropping 2016 and 2017 (not that we’re saying the years preceding were not as tumultuous for Black bodies). It seems people are ‘awake’ and we defy them to even think about going back to sleep.

Black Lives Matter as do Black stories, wherever they are found.

This twin-anthology will be edited by writer and poet, Siana Bangura and will be due for publication in Autumn 2018.

* To avoid ‘confusion’, please note that we do not subscribe to ‘political blackness’ and our use of the term ‘Black’ pertains to people of Sub-saharan African descent*

Please visit our ‘Submissions’ page for more details about submitting work to us for consideration.


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