Next Steps for Haus of Liberated Reading’s Upcoming Twin Anthology

In February we issued our initial ‘soft’ call out for contributors to our upcoming twin anthology (the title of which will be revealed next year) in order to gauge initial interest. We’re pleased to say we have already received a number of submissions and now we’d like to issue some more information for you – consider this the official ‘hard’ call out.

In the works for some time, writer and poet Siana Bangura, will be editing a twin anthology of writing by Black writers from across the African diaspora. This upcoming work aims to be global – we want writers and voices represented from across the gender, geographical, cultural and thought spectrum.

We are looking for thought-provoking, intelligent, and well-written essays to form the heart of the collection, as well as a handful of short stories and a select number of poems to tie the work together. This body of writing aims to map our simultaneously linked, as well as wildly different stories as people of the vast African diaspora, wherever we have found ourselves in the world.

We are asking for abstract submissions (clear summaries of what your work is about and why it should have a home in our twin anthology) of no more than 500 words. Please include details of who you are and your writing background, as well as why you’d like to work with us and why we should work with you. Feel free to include links to your writing portfolio, blog, or to pieces you’ve written for other platforms.

The deadline for submissions of abstracts will be Sunday 2nd July at 11.59 pm (GMT).

After this date, the editorial team will look through all submissions and choose which are of most interest. We will then be in touch with those writers and request submission of the full body of work they wish to be considered for the anthology. We are working to a strict timeline so please, once contacted, have the work ready to submit immediately. This means that before submitting your abstract make sure the work exists or that it will exist and be ready should you be called upon, at least in draft form. Please note that we ask for all work submitted to be new and never before published anywhere else (this includes online in blogs or on other platforms as well as offline in any other books, journals and so on). We will consider old work/ previously published work that has been adapted and re-purposed by the writer for this particular project, if appropriate. If you are unclear on this point please feel free to get in touch with us via email using the contact form on our website.

The only theme for this twin anthology is the global black experience and its infinite layers. This means that your essay, short story, or poetry can focus on any theme you feel is most important to you. We envisage the main contributions to this body of work being in essay form. We will be looking for a handful of exceptional, high quality, and engaging short stories and poems to include sparingly within the collection. We are seeking writing by Black men, Black women, and Black non-binary and gender-fluid/ non-conforming writers from across the UK, USA, Europe, the Caribbean, across the vast continent of Africa, South America, Australasia and any other part of the world in which you have found yourself. We want the vast range of voices of the African Diaspora to be included. We realise this is an ambitious project but we believe that now more than ever similarities, differences, patterns, and uniqueness of Black voices must be amplified. We hope to join the dots and connect our global stories in the hope of building understanding, solidarity, and a dialogue that transcends the global West and South divides. We foresee this project involving travelling when necessary in order to find the voices we need and want so although our resources are stretched, we will make this happen.

All contributor will be remunerated for their work. Details of which will be discussed with the writers we have chosen to work with (we want to manage your expectations right from the get-go and so must emphasise that although we are seeking more funding for this project, please note we are a tiny independent publishing house with limited resources so the fee will be respectable but humble).

You may submit more than one piece of work but it is strongly likely that only one contribution from any one writer will end up in the final collection as we aim to showcase as many voices and stories as possible. Quality over quantity is absolutely key so we would rather one brilliant essay than two mediocre essays from you or one strong short story as opposed to three mediocre offerings. Show us your best work and tell your most important stories.


Initial key dates to note for potential contributors:

Wednesday 1st February 2017: Initial ‘soft’ call out for abstracts issued online and on social media

Thursday 6th April 2017: ‘Hard’ call out issued and more details released


Thursday 20th April 2017: Online Q&A session (location: Twitter [follow @LiberatedReads and use #LiberatedReading #YourStoryMattersLR to take part])

Sunday 2nd July 2017: Submissions close for abstracts

Thursday 31st August 2017: Successful potential contributors longlisted will receive a request for full versions of their submitted work

Friday 1st December 2017: Contact will be made by editorial team to all longlisted writers with feedback and shortlisted contributors will be informed (final opportunity to edit submitted work taking feedback into account)

Thursday 25th January 2018: Final contributors to twin anthology announced

Spring 2018 – Summer 2018: Working period (as well as specific editorial work this period will involve meeting with writers in person or virtually and hosting a contributors weekend – more details to be revealed)

Autumn 2018: Twin anthology to be published

More dates and milestones for your diary may be announced in due course. Please also note the dates above are guidelines and may be subject to change at the discretion of the Haus of Liberated Reading editorial team. If changes occur we will announce such on our website and social media platforms.