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The Haus of Liberated Reading is an independent publishing house founded in May 2016. Our aim is to amplify and centre often marginalised voices in literature. We are tired of the pale, male, and stale nature of the publishing industry and aim to slay the dragon of mono-culture. Research by Spread the Word in April 2015 found more than 84% of publishers and 97% of agents think that publishing is only “a little diverse” or “not diverse at all”.

We could have told you that for free.

The Haus of Liberated Reading is an online hub for radical writing and the literature of decolonised minds. We publish reviews of classic literature by you, the readers, and we publish new writing – predominantly by writers of colour – all in one place. Our books aim to be radical, refreshing,  innovative, entertaining, thought-provoking and unapologetic. Our writers are bold and brave and they are visible.

In May 2016 we published our very first work, ‘Elephant’, the debut collection of poetry by writer, poet, author and Black British Feminist, Siana Bangura. It debuted at number one in its category on Amazon – making it a bestseller – and since publication the collection has gone on to be critically acclaimed.

Our future plans include publishing a twin-anthology of writing by Black writers (and no, we don’t mean ‘politically black’) from the UK to the USA, the Caribbean, South America, and across the vast continent of Africa and beyond, slated for publication in the Autumn of 2018.

As you will come to learn, we specialise in the publication of poetry because, to use the words of Alice Walker, ‘Poetry is the lifeblood of rebellion, revolution, and the raising of consciousness’.

Hence we will be publishing more poetry collections and pamphlets in the future. We are also interested in short stories, essays and plays.


In the future we hope to include in our roll call writers of novels, academic works, and broad non-fiction.



Current Books:


‘Elephant’, by Siana Bangura


Elephant kindle front cover image

Elephant is the debut collection of poetry by writer, blogger, and poet Siana Bangura (@sianaarrgh).

Never afraid to address the elephant in the room – the very spirit with which this collection was put together – Bangura’s work has a special focus on black womanhood, gender and racial politics, as well as family, fatherlessness, identity, Black British girlhood, unemployment, gentrification, disenfranchisement, love, loss, and more.

To find out more visit: www.sianabangura.com/elephant

Buy ‘Elephant’ on Amazon here.