Submissions Guidelines

Think you’re the next voice we need on our roll call?

Does your work subvert, complicate, and challenge the status-quo?

Is your work bold and brave?

Great. Submit your work for consideration.

Our books aim to be radical, refreshing,  innovative, entertaining, thought-provoking and unapologetic. Our writers are bold and brave and they are visible.

As well as being always on the hunt for reviews of work already published from classic revolutionary and groundbreaking texts to recent works that have captured your imaginations (from fictitious tales penned by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to the poetry and essays of Audre Lorde, the musings of Baldwin and the confessions of Roxane Gay, to the social commentary of Gary Younge – we want your thoughts on them all) as part of our quest to be your one-stop-shop for all things liberated reading, we’re also open for submission of ideas and works for potential future publication.



Book reviews (online):

Simply visit our contact form and submit your review (please copy and paste into the comment box provided – there is no ‘attach document’ option we’re afraid). Please make sure your name, contact details and the details of the book you’re reviewing are all clear and easy to find. Please please PLEASE make sure you have proofread your review and kept an eye out for spelling and grammatical mistakes as well as typos (we all do it!) before submitting.

We aim to give you a response within TWO WEEKS of receiving your review (we get a lot of emails). Please note that sending in a review does not automatically mean it will be published. If we do decide on that particular occasion your review is not for us, please don’t be disheartened. We decline reviews for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:


  • We’ve got enough reviews (for now) of that particular work
  • The work you have chosen does not fit our ethos and vision/ what we are trying to promote
  • The review was simply too poorly written


Please do feel free to submit as many reviews as you like and we love it when reviewers come back to us after reading more work that has inspired them!

However, unless discussed with us in advance, please do not re-submit a review we have previously rejected.

Please note reviews are submitted on a voluntary basis by book lovers and bookworms who want their reviews housed somewhere other than Amazon.



Features (online):

On occasion, we will commission articles and essays relating to the publishing industry, the writing world, and all things related. We are able to pay a small fee to contributors and typically look for essays and pieces of between 800 -100 words for short reads and 1,000 -1,200 for longer reads. To pitch, simply send us a short summary of your article or essay idea using our contact form and include bullet points for key information and sections to be included. We’re happy to accept well-written and thought-provoking work previously pitched to and declined by other platforms, however we won’t simply re-publish work that can be found somewhere else already.



Books and Pamphlets (for publishing):

In May 2016 we published our first work, ‘Elephant’, by Siana Bangura.

Our future plans include publishing a twin-anthology of writing by Black writers (and no, we don’t mean ‘politically black’) from the UK to the USA, the Caribbean, South America, and across the vast continent of Africa and beyond, slated for publication in the Autumn of 2018.

As you will come to learn, we specialise in the publication of poetry because, to use the words of Alice Walker, ‘Poetry is the lifeblood of rebellion, revolution, and the raising of consciousness’.

Hence we will be publishing more poetry collections and pamphlets in the future. We are also interested in short stories, essays and plays.


In the future we hope to include in our roll call writers of novels, academic works, and broad non-fiction.


We do not publish traditional self-help style books, religious propaganda, work promoting the Far Right, or romance novels and we do not publish work by writers who would otherwise find it easier to access mainstream publishing opportunities than their marginalised counterparts.


To have your work considered for publication, please – in the first instance – send us a detailed abstract of your work (and not the work itself), including information about your target audience, your background as a writer, and why you’d like to work with us, using the contact form. We will then be in touch to discuss things with you in more detail.

Please only get in touch if you have work ready and drafted. We’d rather not hear from people who have nothing written yet and are simply wanting to throw around ideas. Get those ideas down and realised and then get in touch with us.

We are a small independent business so we’d rather speak directly with writers and creators. No recruiter-style people. No agents or agencies (if you have one, they should definitely be approaching the big houses on your behalf!) and in general, if you’ve been published multiple times already by an established publishing house we will question your motivations for reaching out to us (so be warned).